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Chiang Mai 1 Welcome to my Road Trip 2013 which will document the highlights of the next months journey to London, Ireland, Bangkok, Chiangmai and Angkor Wat, Cambodia.


Anthology Lounge NZ concrete playground story

August 14, 2018

Anthology Lounge NZ

August 14, 2018

Visionaire Studio Promo Book

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Fashions of the Long Neck Hill Tribe

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IMG_0030 IMG_0046 IMG_9986 IMG_9994 IMG_0003 IMG_0019 IMG_9932

Tamarind Village Hotel with Opening of Martin Reeves Photo Exhibit

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Hidden Realms Sacred Spaces ExhibitMartin Reeves Exhibition Pool side for openingMartin reeves opening night Tamarind Village StaffTamarind Village Staff Room at Tamarind VillageTamarind Village Dusk at Tamarind VillageTamarind Village Dusk

Angkor Wat and surrounding Temple scenes

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Angkor WatIMG_0978 Temple ruinsIMG_1102 Banyan Tree RootsIMG_1307

Siem Reap Temple sites Bayon and Ta Phrom

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Bayon templeAngkor 3 Angkor 4 Ta PhromAngkor 2 Temple RuinsAngkor 1

Early morning Monk devotion at Market

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Monk Devotion 3 Monk devotion 3 Monk Blessing

Temple scenes of Lampang and Lamphun

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Lampang Horse and cart Lampang Alter Lampang Temple Lampang Temple 5 Lampang Temple 3 Lamphun Temple 1 Lampang Temple 4 Lampang Temple Altar devotion

Chedi Hotel Chiang Mai

July 15, 2013  •  1 Comment

Chedi 2 Chedi 3 Chedi 5 Chedi 6

Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai 1 Chiang mai 3B Buddha Monks Chiang Mai 5 Bell&Parasol Chiang Mai 2 Monks 2

Children of the Sun

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Shot at Glendalough IrelandChildren of the Sun 2 Glendalough monastic ruinsChildren of the Sun 1

Wild Flowers

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wild Flowerswild Flowers

Wild Flowers of Wicklow

Gothic Ireland

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Virgin Mary gravestone 2 Graveyard Crucifix gravestone