Maryanne Bilham is an award-winning photographer with 30 years of industry expertise spanning 4 continents. Best known for subjects including rock ‘n’ roll musicians, celebrities, high-end advertising campaigns, hotels and resorts and personal fine art pieces. The New Zealand-born, Las Vegas-based Bilham blends an elegant pictorial sensibility with a gift for suggesting depths of feeling and emotional resonance below the surface image, as well as in the essential connection between photographer and subject.
Maryanne moved to Hong Kong in the mid-’80s where she produced photography campaigns for Asia’s top advertising agencies and music companies. When Bilham moved to Los Angeles in the mid-’90s, she formed a business with husband (rock photographer) Robert Knight. Maryanne’s work was featured in “Rock Prophecies,” a $1 million feature-length documentary based on Knight’s life, which is in rotation on 200 PBS television stations and is also available on Netflix and Itunes.
Maryanne recently completed the new photography campaign for Def Leppard for the Kiss/Def Leppard summer tour in 2014. In 2015 a new line of  exclusive merchandise was released for THE CROMWELL, Caesars Boutique property with her photography.
In his Modern Guitars interview with Bilham, Tom Watson wrote: “Whether it's advertising, portraiture, live concert, or fine art, Bilham’s work points to something beyond itself and breathes new life into the old phrase: Seeing is believing. Even when her exquisitely composed and beautifully ephemeral images invite the viewer to push the limits of belief and embrace the mysterious, there is no doubt of her authentic vision.”